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Vintage Photographs

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24th November 2018

tigernest10:09am: Early MP3 player!
A forerunner model of the famous Walkman is presented on the occasion of the London Radio-Fair, August the 16th, 1934.

27th June 2018

tigernest8:34am: Holland MI harbor entrance
The light house is now known as Big Red since it's been painted years ago.

babs717:51am: St. Petersburg
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12th March 2018

babs717:56am: Моряки Первой Мировой.
Naval minister I. K. Grigorovich:

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7th March 2018

babs717:50am: WWI warships.
Battleship "Poltava". 1914:

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4th March 2018

almond_cakes10:03am: Hands: "Jack Holding Maneesha", 1993

Here's a very interesting photo titled "Jack Holding Maneesha", which was photographed in the neo-natal ward of the hospital in 1993 by famous baby photographer Anne Geddes.

Maneesha weighed less than 2 pounds (900 g) in this photo and was the smallest baby Anne had ever photographed. She was born prematurely at 28 weeks’ gestation, and was just about to leave the hospital after a long stay. The day this photo was taken was the first time Maneesha had been completely disconnected from all of her machinery.

About Jack who is holding her, Anne wrote: Jack, who is holding her, has huge hands. At the time, he was working as a groundsman at a local school, so his hands were also very weathered. I had placed an advertisement in the local paper for a man with "very large hands, for a photo shoot." As you can imagine, we had some very interesting replies. People even sent outlines of their hands by fax! I auditioned about 10 men, and Jack's hands were the second largest, but he had a warm, gentle personality, which was essential for the shoot.”

Anne Geddes the the famous Australian photographer of babies in pumpkins and with flower hats and such like that. Look below the cut to see Anne with Maneesha on her 21st birthday in 2014.

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almond_cakes9:58am: Hands: "Hand Feeding Elephant", 1963

Here's a fun one for the "Hands" theme. It was taken at the Bronx Zoo in 1963 by photographer Garry Winogrand.
almond_cakes9:56am: Hands: "Hands of the Puppeteer", Tina Modotti, 1929

Here is a photo by Tina Modotti, called "Hands of the Puppeteer", taken in Mexico City, 1929.

Tina Modotti was an Italian photographer, model, actress, and revolutionary political activist. She was born in 1896 in Italy, and 1913, at the age of 16, she immigrated to the United States to join her father in San Francisco, California. She then spent a lot of her life in Mexico, where she died in 1942 at the age of 45. Here is a photo of her in 1920:

almond_cakes9:53am: Hands: Tintype of a Man and Child's Hands, 1875

Continuing with my "Hands" theme, here is a very old photo of hands: Tintype of a man and child's hands, taken in 1875. Photographer unknown. From the still photo collection at the George Eastman Museum.

1st March 2018

almond_cakes7:44am: Hands: Photo by Erwin Blumenfeld for Vogue Magazine, 1950

Continuing with the hands theme, here we see model Pat Blake in a clever picture for Vogue Magazine, 1950, taken by Erwin Blumenfeld.
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