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Australia | Beach's Life by Sam Hood

Swimming exams at Newcastle Ocean Baths

Swimming class for girls, c. 1930s

An official hands a young woman swimmer a token, Tramway swimming at Coogee Aquarium, 27 March 1935

Possibly Mina Wylie with an unidentified female swimmer, probably Stockholm Olympics, 1912

Snowy Baker, Duke Kahanamoku and Frank Beaurepaire, Sydney, between 1914-1924

Acrobats, Sydney, 1930s

Tooth and Co. Ltd. float at the Australian Sesquicentenary, 1938 Hall & Co.

Newcastle Beach on Christmas Day

Beach scene, 1930s

Peggy Bacon in mid-air backflip, Bondi Beach, Sydney

Theatre Royal chorus, Tamarama Beach, ca. 1938

Beach studies, 1930s

Start of the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race, 1971

David Cant, aged 3, Nielsen Park, Sydney

Beautiful Bondi Ladies Dressing Rooms, c. 1900-1927, Broadhurst Post Card Publishers

Billy and Graham Green from the Salvation Army Camp practise a little deceit, Collaroy Beach, ca. 1940

A young diver in the air as he dives from the high-board, St Aloysius College swimming at Manly, 17 March, 1935

General view of the Baths (Domain Baths, Woolloomooloo, c.1930s

Balancing wheel, Manly Harbour pool, 1932

Bondi Beach, Sydney, 1922

Mina Wylie, Coogee, 1913

The Women Co. girls on Tamarama beach, 2 February 1939
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